Regulation is a leading online trading broker specializing in stocks, commodities, CFD's and currencies. is licensed and regulated with major financial entities worldwide, providing traders from all over the world with a secure and transparent trading experience. is subject to strict regulatory and compliance requirements in each and every aspect of the firm’s operations (including financial reporting, client asset management, segregation of clients/firm funds and more).
Payments are Provided by: Up Services Ltd. Bulgaria, Sliven, ZIP 8800, residential area Stoyan Zaimov № 69, entrance B, fl. 8

International Financial services commission Belize is operated by Maxi Services Ltd (Belize), regulated and licensed by the IFSC under license # IFSC/60/338/TS/17
International Financial Services Commission
Sir Edney Cain Building, 2nd Floor,
Belmopan, Belize, C. A.
Tel: 501-822-2974

The Financial Commission

The purpose of the Financial Commission is an objective and professional settlement of disputes between traders and brokers. The Commission makes transparency and simplicity of interaction between the parties its biggest priority. Joining the Financial Commission, companies demonstrate their commitment to keep the highest standards of commercial activities and the best business practices, irrespectively of their jurisdictions and licenses.

Association of Russian Banks (ARB) is affiliated with Maxi Services Ltd, a member of ARB, Association of Russian Banks (Certificate No.1800).ARB is one of the leading regulatory bodies in the Far East and Russia, contributing to the area’s economic reputation by ensuring local markets are fair and transparent, supported by confident and informed investors and consumers.
121069, Moscow, Skatertny lane 20, bld. 1
Phone 1: +7 (495) 691-8788
Phone 2: +7 (495) 691-663
Phone 3: +7 (495) 691-8098

Association of Regional Bank of Russia (ARBR) is affiliated with Maxi Services Ltd, a member of ARBR, Association of Regional Bank of Russia, (Certificate No.581). ARBR promotes stability of the financial systems, strengthens confidence in the financial sector from investors and depositors and develops effective competition in the financial markets.
121069, Moscow, Skatertny lane 20, bld. 1
Tel. / Fax: (495) 785-2990
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