Safety of funds

When trading with Game Capital Ads Limited you are protected by our reliable financial security rules and customer service policy.

Separation of funds from customers

In accordance with FCA rules, all customer money is kept completely separate from our own funds in credit institutions, in accordance with the EEA regulations. This ensures that customer funds are available to them at any time and can not be used by us for any purpose. The process is monitored and audited by the auditors.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

In the unlikely event that we are in a difficult financial situation and there is a deficit in individual client funds, a person or a small company is entitled to compensation from the FSCS The amount of compensation is up to £ 50,000.

If the bank that is used to store client funds is liquidated, any losses will be compensated to customers in proportion to their share of the total amount that was stored in the bank. The funds lost in this case will be compensated by the FSCS to £ 50,000 to each client.

Fair attitude to our customers

This means that with Top-trade, your interests always come first. We strive to protect your interests in everything we do, from the promotion of our services and products to the subsequent maintenance and consideration of complaints.

We also assure you that our team is always aware of any new developments that may affect the quality of our services.

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